90mm – Shot from a bullet.
.The 90mm clincher is an ideal wheel for events like time trial or triathlon where aerodynamics are most important. Ever do a time trial, go as hard as you could go, and lose to somebody by a few seconds? Now you can do something about that with our most aerodynamic wheel ever! Since the 90mm is such a deep wheel it can be susceptible to heavy crosswinds although the design of the rim shape really makes crosswind handling better than wheels much shallower. A 23mm tire will handle in crosswinds much better than a 25mm tire. For events like longer distance triathlons, pairing a rear 90mm with a front 60mm can be the perfect set up!The 90mm rim is 25mm wide, with a 17mm internal width. This is still a nice wide rim profile, but not quite as wide as some of the other carbons or alloys. The reason for this is to "pinch" the tire a little bit more for better head on aerodynamics. Also, chances are you are not running 28mm tires or larger gravel tires on the 90mm depth so we could optimize it for that 23/25mm tire set up.


Rim depth - 90mm
Rim width - 25mm
Inner width - 17mm
Rim weight - 685 grams



Boyd 90mm Clincher Rim

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