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How Do I Buy Wheels? 

A few ways...You could email me with all of your details and we could come up with the best custom build to suit your needs. You could also buy straight from the website. Simply select the rim, the rim will have hub, spoke and nipple options. Along with colors and any other details that pertain to that specific rim. I do prefer to chat in an email before the build just to make sure all the details are worked out, but I also understand come people already know exactly what they want. 

Why buy wheels from you?

There are many big companies that can turn you out a set of custom wheels at great prices and of good quality. With us being a small company, we aim for the wheel building experience if you like. If you have 100 questions before the build I will answer all of them to make sure you are satisfied. I can spent much more time and pay great attention to detail during the building process. In addition, we aim for great customer service and great pricing with continued support even after your wheels are done. 

What is the turnaround time for custom wheels?

Each wheel that I turnout is laced, trued within 1mm, stress relieved, dished correctly, tension balanced, taped and tubeless valves installed if needed. The wheels will be ready to mount tires and ride when they arrive. I take pride in each and every wheel that I build and will never rush the process just to sell more wheels. Therefore, current lead time is 3-4 weeks. 

What is your return policy/warranty?

Custom build wheels cannot be returned due to the unique nature of them. Every wheel that I build will come with a lifetime warranty against spoke breakage if built with brass nipples. If you ever break a spoke under normal riding conditions or the wheel for some reason comes out of true, I will fix it free of charge. Warranty doesn't cover abuse or riding the wheel above its intended purpose. If your wheels are laced with aluminum nipples and you break one or break a spoke, I will replace it at a discounted labor rate plus parts. All other warranties of rims and hubs are at the manufacturer's discretion. You can also send me pictures of broken wheels before you send them in to get a more accurate assessment of what needs to be done. Shipping rates are the customer's responsibility. 

What other brands do you sell?

Every brand we sell is high quality and I would run any of them on my own bike. We have the current brands on the site and will be adding more soon, including: Bitex hubs, I9 hubs, White Industries hubs, HED rims, H Plus Son rims, Pacenti rims, Kinlin rims, AForce rims and more parts. 

Can i buy other parts from you? 

Most definitely, If you have a custom build going on and you are looking for parts i can help with that too. If you purchase a set of wheels and would like some matching parts you will receive a discount on those parts. Please ask about other brands too as well as Complete bikes and frames too include all current models from Ibis and Chromag. 

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